Students with similar levels are arranged into small classes of 4 to 14 people. From Beginner level to advanced level, every class is led by professional, experienced and passionate teachers. Small and intensive classes guarantee students’ learning quality and abundant chances of practice in class.


 A.   People who are 18 years old or above and want to learn Chinese as a second language are welcome to enroll in this program.

B.   There are 4 terms per year. Each term lasts 3 months (11 weeks).

C.   Classes are offered in various levels: Beginner, BasicIntermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced

D. NT$ 30,000 per term.

Course Content:

  • We expect to acquire 500 vocabularies and 40~45 sentence patterns in beginner level per season.
  • We expect to acquire 1000~1200 vocabularies and 120~140 sentence patterns in intermediate level per season.
  • For advanced level, what students learn may vary according to students’ language proficiency and the articles they read.
  1. Please be prepared for the school workload. There are homework, quizzes, midterm, final exam, etc. Students need to be concentrated and devoted to their classes and learning, and actively participate in the class activities.
  2. We assess students’ level and learning every season, which will be taken into consideration for the class arrangement in the coming season.

​Our Teachers
All of our teachers have the Certificate of Qualification to Teach Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language, issued by the Ministry of Education, R.O.C. (Taiwan). 90% of our teachers hold a master’s degree.

​Textbooks we use: 

  1. Textbook:Practical Audio-Visual Chinese《新版實用視聽華語》
  2. Reference:other materials prepared by teacher

​Class Requirements:

  1. We offer equal training on the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. We teach pinyin and we only teach and use traditional characters.  We emphasize a lot on hand writing for homework and exams.
  2. Teachers only speak Chinese in class (regardless the class levels). To offer an all-Chinese-speaking environment, students are encouraged to speak only Chinese under all circumstances.
  3. Generally speaking, we expect to finish 11 lessons per season (12 for winter); but it may be adjusted to students’ levels and learning efficiency, and it may be different between different classes.

2022- 2023


TermClass DatesApplication
SpringMar. 1, 2022- May 13, 2022Feb. 222/28 Peace Memorial Day
4/1 – 4/5 Spring Holiday
SummerMay 30, 2022- Aug. 12, 2022May 236/3
Dragon Boat Festival
FallAug. 29, 2022- Nov. 11, 2022Aug. 229/9 – 9/11 Moon Festival
10/8 – 10/10 National Holiday
WinterNov. 21, 2022- Feb. 10, 2023Nov. 141/1 – 1/2
New Year Holiday
1/19 – 1/25
Lunar New Year