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The club comprises passionate, energetic, and creative students who like meeting new people.

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​To assist foreign students in adapting to the new life in Taiwan, we have established a Language Partner to help them learn Chinese and explore different cultures in Taiwan.

Provide a great language exchange platform

​Cultural experience activities​

  • ​​Dragon Boat Festival
  • Mid-Autumn Festival BBQ
  • Christmas party
  • Field trip

Visit Taiwan’s schools
to share and exchange your culture with local students

  • ​Mobile Learning for Exchange Students program by the Ministry of Education ​

          Chong-Cheng Senior High School
          Jui-Fang Industrial High School
          Nei Hu Elementary School

  • 多國文化志工體驗營

          Hong-Ye Elementary School

Please let us know if you would like to participate and be part of our study mate program!



Mr. Parry Hsu/ League advisor