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Course Related

Q1:How much does the tuition fee cost?
A1:New Student Fees:
• Daytime classes are priced at NT$30,000 per term, excluding textbook fees.
• Evening classes are priced at NT$20,000 per term, excluding textbook fees.
• Registration fee is NT$1,500. If you register for courses through our affiliated agents, the registration fee will be waived.
• Accident insurance fee: NT$1,700, mandatory for new students and payable for the first semester.
• Fees for individual classes and project-based classes vary depending on the duration and content of the course. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email for more information!
Q2:What kind of teaching materials you use in class?
A2:It depends. Quarterly Program uses ” Practical Audio-Visual Chinese” and Evening Program uses “Contemporary Chinese Courses.” Tutor or Other courses are adjusted according to their learning needs.
Q3:Do you teach Mandarin by Mandarin or English?
A3:Students are from countries around the world so not every student understands English. Therefore, we will teach by Mandarin which can help you to learn fast and more efficient.
Q4:Do we learn traditional or simplified character? Do we learn to read by Pinyin or Bopomofo(Zhuyin)?
A4:We basically will teach the traditional one by using the Pinyin. However, if you do want to learn simplified or Bopomofo(Zhuyin), please discuss with teacher since they are able to teach.
Q5:Do I need to take an exam?
A5:Yes! Periodical Exam is for teacher to track your learning process. There will be midterm and final.
Q6:Do you provide the Language exchange program?
A6:Yes! The Learning Partner is one of our features. We provide the exchange program and please check the LINK.
Q7:Except the class, do you have any special activity?
A7:Yes! Our Leaning partner club do hold the cultural activities and please check our Website.
Q8:Do you accept credit card?
A8:Credit card payment is not accepted. Currently, the following options are available:
(1) Overseas remittance
(2) Cash payment at CLC office
Q9:When is the deadline for registration ?
A9:Two weeks before the start of the course. (Including fee payment)
Q10:Is there any special discount?
A10:The tuition fee for current CLC students is NT$29,500 per term, excluding textbook fees.
Q11:How do I know which class I will attend?
A11:In addition to absolute beginners, we will provide an online placement test link before the start of the semester. Based on your placement test results, we will arrange a class that suits you.

If you feel that the class is not suitable for you during the first week of the semester, adjustments can be made according to your proficiency level.

Q12:May I ask for refund?
A12:Regarding course refunds, before the start of classes: 90% of the tuition fee will be refunded; within two weeks of the start of classes: 70% of the tuition fee will be refunded; within three weeks of the start of classes: 60% of the tuition fee will be refunded; within one month of the start of classes: 50% of the tuition fee will be refunded. No refunds will be issued one month after the start of classes.

If you are in Taiwan, please come to our center to process the refund application.

If you are overseas, please write to us and provide detailed information for overseas remittance. Please note that there may be bank handling fees incurred for domestic and international transactions, which will be borne by the students. The administrative process for refunds will take one month.

VISA Related

The following information is for your reference only. Please double-check with the ROC Embassy or check the information on the ROC Foreign Affair. If you have any questions please call 0800-024-111

Q1:How to apply the visa?
A1:If you need a student visa, please provide all the documents that we need ➡️we send you an enroll certificate ➡️Use certificate to apply for a student visa in your country (ROC Embassy). ➡️Got student visa to enter Taiwan. Applicant should fill the form online. If you are going to our Center to learn Mandarin, please choose the Visitor Visa and the purpose is the Mandarin-learning (The code is FR). After you send your form, please print it out and go to the ROC Embassy you choose to submit the document.
Q2:How long can I stay in Taiwan?
A2:For learning Mandarin, you basically can get 60-90 days visa which is extendable. You can extend your visa twice which is up to 180 days. If your visa is non-extendable or your extension is rejected, please leave Taiwan before expired date and apply new visa again.
Q3:In case of that I have 30 days free-visa; can I directly apply the class without applying the visa?
A3:We do not recommend this way since the 30 days free-visa is not extendable. If your class is more than 30 days, you need to depart from Taiwan and apply your visa again. We are afraid that this might affect your class.
Q4:In case of that I have the 90 days free-visa; can I directly apply the class without applying the visa?
A4:It might be possible. However, you need to be cautious of the expiry date of your visa. If you want to study 2 semesters or more and you don’t want to depart after every 90 days, we believe applying the mandarin-learning visa is more suitable.
Q5:I want to study more than 3 semesters which means I will stay more than 180 days. Can I apply the visa without departure?
A5:Student who stays 120 days in Taiwan consecutively and has a good record of attendance and grade, and has paid the tuition fee to study for the third semester is allowed to apply for the Resident Visa. If your application is approved, you can have the Alien Resident Certificates (ARC). If you would like to cancel the class after receiving ARC, the tuition fee will be non-refundable.
Q6:My visa will expire a few days before the end of the course. Can I extend my visa to complete the course?
A6: If visa expiration date is not far from the last day of class, you can apply to Immigration Department for extending the period (usually no more than 10 days). However, it will be determined by the Immigration.
Q7:How to apply for studying Chinese residence visa?
A7:Having studied in Language Center for 4 months and have registered for the next course.

1. Certificate of Enrollment

2. Attendance record

3. Health Certificate

4. Bank Statement (about 80 thousand TW dollars)

5. Study plan

6. Visa Application Form (must fill in online in visa application system)

7. Two photos

8. Passport

9. Copy of the Passport

Take the documents above and apply in Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The application will take about 10 working days, and the visa application must be completed before the expiration date of your visa..

Q8:I am studying Mandarin in another language center now. Can I change my school?
A8:Yes, you have registered for the next course in our center.

1. The Certificate of Enrollment of the school you are studying now.

2. The Attendance record of the school you are studying now.

3. Certificate of Enrollment of our center.

4. Certificate of admission of our center.

5. Take the documents above and apply in Immigration.
Q9:Can I apply for a one-year course directly and use the one-year course certificate to apply for a visa?

We can only provide the application that is made each time by one period (usually 3 months, July-August summer course is 2 months) and applicants can apply for a 60-90 day study Mandarin visa. If you intend to study more than one period, please pay the tuition fees for the next semester during the registration fee payment period. Also, please use “Certificate of Enrollment and Attendance Record” to extend the visa period.

Q10:I have studied Mandarin for two years in Taiwan and want to continue the studying. Can I extend my study permit?
A10:If you want to continue, you can hold your school’s documents and re-apply for a residence permit for studying Mandarin. However, whether your visa is approved or not will depend on the Embassy.
Q11:I just quit my job and can I apply for a residence permit for studying Chinese in my residence permit for work in Taiwan?
A11:No, you need to have the certificate of admission and other document then go back to your country to apply the visa.
Q12:Can I work while holding a Mandarin language study permit?
A12:If you study Chinese for one year in Taiwan and hold a residence permit, you may apply for a part-time work permit. You can not work without a work permit.
Q13:If I want to bring my child to study Chinese in Taiwan, what visa should I apply?
A13:You can apply for the dependent visa.
Q14:May I apply for ARC and NHI Card once I registered course?
A14:No. You have to study consecutive 2 semesters first then you can apply ARC from the 3rd semester. You can apply NHI card after 6 months you received ARC.

Questions For Dormitory

Q1:Do you have dormitories?
A1:Yes, but spaces are limited. Two weeks before the start of classes, our center will send out a class survey (Google Form) to inquire about new students’ accommodation preferences.
Q2:How much do you charge for the dormitory?
A2:Our campus only has female dormitories.
First Female Dormitory Fee: NT$9,900 (six-person room)/term

Male dormitories are located in Zhongshan District, and male students will need to commute to our center for classes daily.
Dormitory Address: No. 7-1, Dehui Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City 10491
Dehui/Xin Dehui Dormitory Fee: NT$27,000 (four-person room)/term

The above fees do not include a NT$500 accommodation deposit. Please remember to return the key and ensure the room is undamaged upon checkout to receive your deposit refund.

For air conditioning card arrangements, please follow the regulations of each dormitory.

Q3:How is the environment of the dormitory?
A3:Please refer to the school-provided link (web page in Chinese): SHIH CHIEN UNIV. DORM
For female dormitories, please refer to ☛ First Female Dormitory
For male dormitories, please refer to ☛ Dehui/Xin Dehui Dormitory
Q4:When should I pay for the dormitory room fee?
A4:Chinese center’s learning partner will bring you to pay on the first day of semester starting.
Q5:May I arrive and stay earlier?
A5:Yes. Please let us know in advance and we will let you know the charge.
Q6:Where is the dorm?
A6: Male dorm→DEHUI DORM.
Female Dorm→Inside the Shih-Chien campus.
Q7:Is there mattress and pillow in the dorm?
A7:Due to hygiene reason, please prepare by yourself. However, it is possible to rent from our center and the charge is NTD1,000. Please contact us for details.
Q8:May I move out if I don’t want to stay in dormitory?
A8:Yes. Please contact us in advance and we will help you vacate dorms. However, there is no refund if you stayed more than 5 weeks.
Q9:Do you accept credit card for dormitory payment?
A9:No, we accept cash only.

Other Questions

Q1:Where is the center?
A1:The center address is: B-3F., No.70, Dazhi St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Or click on About me -> Center location, there will be more detailed route information.
Q2:May I apply scholarship?
A2:We don’t provide scholarship. If you need scholarship information please check the website. https://taiwanscholarship.moe.gov.tw/web/index.aspx

Related Questions (Chinese)


• 日間班為新臺幣 $30,000元/期,皆不含教材費。
• 夜間班為新臺幣 $20,000元/期,皆不含教材費。
• 註冊費為新臺幣$1,500元,若您透過我們的合作代辦報名課程,則不另外酌收註冊費。
• 意外保險費:新台幣1700元,新生強制第一學期繳交。
• 個人班和專案班則依學習時數和課程內容收費不一,歡迎來電或來信詢問!
Q3: 請問上課使用中文還是英文上課?
A6:有的,學伴社團是本中心一大特色,我們提供語言交換,請點選首頁的學伴連結了解更多資訊! LINK.
A8:不可以刷卡。目前僅提供:(1) 海外匯款 (2) 至本中心現金繳費






以下訊息僅供參考,建議您可以直接詢問鄰近的中華民國大使館(可至各駐外館處查詢),或是參考外交部領事事務局提供的資訊,或撥打外國人免費服務專線 0800-024-111。

A5:學生在台連續居住120天,期間沒有出境,成績和出席紀錄良好,並續讀第三期且已繳交學費,可以申請居留簽證(Resident Visa),申請後,將可取得居留證(ARC)。如取得居留證後欲取消課程報名,本中心恕不退費。

1. 在學證明

2. 出席紀錄

3. 健康檢查證明

4. 財力證明(約8萬元臺幣)

5. 研習計畫書

6. 簽證申請表(必須到線上簽證申請系統填寫)

7. 照片兩張

8. 護照正本

9. 護照影本



1. 原語言中心的在學證明

2. 原語言中心的出席紀錄

3. 本中心的在學證明

4. 本中心的入學許可信

5. 至移民署申請變更學校
1. 入學許可信
2. 其他簽證申請相關文件


A1:有,但名額有限,本中心於開課前兩週,會發送開課調查(Goolge Form),詢問新生住宿意願。
第一女生宿舍費用:新台幣9,900元 (六人房)/期




女生宿舍,請參考 ☛ 第一女生宿舍
男生宿舍,請參考 ☛ 德惠/新德惠宿舍
A7:為了環境衛生,宿舍不提供。您必須自行準備床墊、枕頭跟被子,但是如果需要協助,華語中心提供一次性租借,一次是1,000 NTD,使用到您歸還為止。